Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shameless Self-Promotion

I know this is a blog about Soren. But since lots of friends and family read this, I figured this was the easiest way to get the word out that the episode of Danny Phantom that I wrote will be airing for the first time this Friday, September 24th, on Nickelodeon!

It's called "D-Stabilized" and will be showing at 1:00 EST and 4:00 PST, but check your local listings.

I actually started writing it back in December of 2005 and, with changes and punch-ups, had a final script by April 2006. Then all the drawing and animating had to happen, which takes some time. I haven't seen the final product and am really excited that it's airing!

So check it out if you're interested. It's a fun show and I felt really lucky to have a chance to write on it before their final season ended.


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