Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ricci Kilgore: Another Patient of Dr. Rader

A month from today's date, Soren will be getting his 4th stem cell injection in the Dominican Republic. I am very excited, hopeful, but nervous. We want so much out of these next two injections (we've raised enough money for these next two and then we plan to evaluate their efficacy). I get nervous that, no matter how hard we try, Soren just won't every become close to a typical kid.

But then I see this. My friend Azita forwarded me this
  • You Tube video

  • This is a young woman named Ricci Kilgore. She is one of Dr. Rader's patients who is experiencing a remarkable recovery after suffering a devastating spinal cord injury.

    It renewed my hope. It brought me to tears. This is what I want for Soren.



    Daniel said...

    I am Ricci's husband and also hope for the best for your son. If you haven't already you may want to check out Texans for Stem Cell Research. It is a new non-prof and is still growing but the goal is to help people with the cost of Stem Cells. I am interested in your sons progress and interested in helping in anyway I can. Ricci's Myspace name it trout. You may do a search there to open the lines of communication.

    sagegurl said...

    I have seen all the info on Ricci's stem cell treatments, and the many articles, videos, and speaking engagements in which she speaks volumes about her stem cell campaign. Here is something that I believe must be said about her "miraculous" recovery. While in Pocatello, ID Ricci was receiving Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments at a medical facility for pressure wounds. As a matter of fact, she was being treated very close to the time of the stem cell treatments. It is VERY possible that the MANY Hyperbaric treatments that she received may VERY well have contributed greatly if not TOTALLY to her recovery!!! Yet not one time in all of the videos, articles, etc. does she mention this. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is known to heal more than just pressure ulcers- it is known to regrow cells, and heal numerous diseases and ailments inside the body, particularly bone and spinal injuries and infections. How do we know that her recovery is due to the stem cell treatments and not due to, at least in part, Hyperbaric treatments? The answer is, we don't.....

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