Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dr. Rader ABC 7 Report

Hello all,

A few days ago there was a news report on Dr. Rader and his stem cell therapy. If you are interested in checking it out, go to
  • Dr. Rader Report

  • I've always been up front about where we go for our stem cells and the doctor (Dr. Rader) who provides them for us. According to the ABC News Report, he's either a miracle worker or a snake oil salesman. I've actually seen some of the miracles first hand, so you know where I stand. And I happen to personally know the two families involved in the report who have these two very different viewpoints.

    The report is actually quite well-balanced. There were fears that it wouldn't be. I've actually been approached by ABC 7 news two times to tell our story. However, due to a bad experience with the press, I was encouraged by Dr. Rader and my friend Azita NOT to speak to the media. Fearing the worst, I didn't.

    However, the second time I was approached, I was first called by another friend and fellow special needs mom, Fia Richmond, who was telling her side of the stem cell story to ABC. She had a very negative experience with Dr. Rader. Because of this experience, she started her own amazing organization called
  • Children's Neurobiological Solutions

  • Fia wanted me to tell about our good experience with Dr. Rader. However, I knew if any story should be reported, it was Clayton's. Having personally seen this boy first in a vegatative state and now walking and laughing are amazing. I told the producer at ABC that I couldn't be part of the piece and that she should get Clayton. However, I knew that would be next to impossible.

    Well, next to impossible happened. ABC was going ahead with Fia's well-justified side of the story. They called Dr. Rader and told him the piece was going to be negative and they only way for him to tell his side was to speak publically. In a possible "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation, Dr. Rader agreed to speak to convey his side. If when you watch the video he seems a bit on the defensive, I personally think it's because he was feeling very much like he had to defend an attack on what he is doing.

    He asked Clayton's family to also be part of the piece because seeing Clayton's success really is like witnessing a miracle. Azita was fearful because of that previous bad experience, but did it out of respect for the doctor that has saved her son. And to hopefully get their message of success out. It's that success that helped us make our decision.

    But watch for yourselves. Make your own decisions. That's what we and every other parent who has chosen to go or not go has done. Soren hasn't gotten the full-on miracle yet, but we've seen little miracles along the way. And with these next two injections in June and December, we're hoping to see even more.



    Eric said...

    Hi Amy,

    There needs to be more done to educate the general public on the benefits of stem cells. Over time history has a very funny way of revealing how ignorant we all are, most people thought the world was flat 500 years ago.

    Take care,

    Shelagh said...

    After nursing for 50 yrs, I feel that I have seen it all, and included in this ,is the "get rich at all costs " doctor, which is how I shall regard Dr Rager's claims until the day that he can prove his success rates.
    I am sceptical about an mD who was married to an actress, earned an income from TV presntations. and refuses to share his results etc with other experts! Hopefully, the day will come when Dr Rader places the Patients' well being before his pocket. Shelagh

    Soren Patrick Rogers said...

    You are entitled to your opinion. In my blog, I state the changes I have seen in Soren and other children. But I try to be fair and state the other side as well, allowing people to make their own decisions.
    However, I am confused to you berating Dr. Rader for being married to an actress. I don't see how that relates to your complaint about him as a doctor. I actually have my B.A. in Theater and my M.F.A. in Acting. When my husband married me, I was an actress. I guess now I'll have to tell him that this is a bad thing. He'll be sad to hear this after our successful 15 years of being married.
    And personally, Shelagh, I am skeptical of anyone who spells skeptical "sceptical."