Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Low-Grade Seizure

I mentioned in my GFCF update that Soren had only had 2 seizures in April since we started the diet. Well, he had two more this weekend. And they all had something in common. Soren had a low-grade fever on both weekends when he had the seizures.

The ones in April happened while I was at my cousin's wedding in Lubbock, Texas. Aaron was home with the kids and, wouldn't you know it, Soren had two seizures. Aaron noted that Soren, while not full-blown sick, was running a mild fever.

Then this weekend we all went away for Moira's birthday. We were all sleeping in the same room. I was conked out when in my dream I heard Soren seizing. My brain tried to incorporate it into the dream, but I woke myself up, and there he was seizing at 2 am.

Now this freaked us out because we feared that Soren was seizing at night this whole time we thought he was doing so well. But Soren was a little toasty in the bed, so we stripped him down. The rest of the night and into the day were fine. But then, on the drive home, Soren had another seizure.

Believe it or not, this made us feel better. Since we knew he hadn't had any daytime seizures for a bit, it made us more assured that he hadn't been seizing at night on the sly. When we got home I noticed he was warm again. I took his temp, and sure enough, he had a little fever.

Whatever it was seems to have passed. Motrin helped take his fever down without a problem. I just wonder what those days would have been like if Soren hadn't been on the diet. Would it have been one of those days where he had 9 seizures? While the two we witnessed were lousy, we're glad it was only two.


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