Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Belly to Back!

About 10 minutes ago, Soren went from his belly to his back for the first time all on his own!

He's been rolling to his belly more and more. But then he gets stuck. Unlike most kids, he would reach his arms out instead of tucking them under his body to use as leverage. He also doesn't tuck his legs under but lays them out flat.

Then since his Bright Minds therapy, he's been lifting his head and moving his face from side to side. He's also added tilting his pelvis back and forth, clearly wanting to scoot, but unable to. This has led him to getting very angry when he's on his belly. He wants to do more, but can't figure out how.

Then yesterday he was REALLY mad, lifting his head and upper body. I tucked his arms under, trying to show him what he SHOULD be doing. This made him even more mad. It's hard to watch because he is so angry. But it's anger at being frustrated at not being able to do something. And through that anger, I knew Soren would be driven to progress.

And he did just that today. Again he made it to his belly. But he kept his arms tucked under his torso. Then he started lifting his head and upper body up, moving his head from side to side again. Then he suddenly lifted force and turned his body back to his side. Once he was there, he rolled himself to his back. It was REMARKABLE!!!!!

Good work, Soren!


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