Sunday, July 02, 2006

Soren's Fundraiser at Occidental Children's Theater

I know I've emailed all of you about this. Many have bought tickets (Thanks!). And many have made donations because they can't attend the performance (Thanks!). But here's yet another reminder for Soren's Stem Cell Fundraiser at Occidental Children's Theater's production of "Dracula and the Beanstalk."

The performance is this coming Saturday, July 8th at 10 am in Occidental College's Hillside Amphitheater. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for kids. All PRESALE tickets go to Soren's Stem Cell Fund. This means, only the tickets purchased PRIOR to the event go to Soren's Fund. If you come the day of the performance and buy tickets, the money goes to Occidental Children's Theater, which is also a VERY worthy cause since they do GREAT children's theater.

To get tickets, click on the BLUE button to your right. Your ticket price is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!!! Wahoo!

And in case your wondering what Occidental Children's Theater does and what the heck "Dracula and the Beanstalk" is, this is a group of 6 actors that perform 3 fairy tale/folk tales from around the world and 1 original piece from Eagle Rock, Ca (this year, it's "Dracula and the Beanstalk.") Their only props are a quarter staff and a sash. And the performance is filled with tumbling, physicality, and audience participation. They are quite awesome and always get terrific reviews.

So, come if you can. We would love to see you there!


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