Friday, July 14, 2006

Sick Soren

Soren has continued to be sick the rest of the week. His fever continued, not getting under 100 since Monday night. We did drugs, cool baths, more drugs. Finally I took him to his pediatrician. Soren is prone to ear infections, so I wanted to get his ears checked. And then I began to fear he'd aspirated some liquid and gotten an infection.

His ears are bascially fine (we went on antibiotics to be on the safe side) and his lungs were good as well. I was relieved. I feared we were going to have to check into the hospital.

Instead it turns out Soren got the 4 Day Fever that's been going around. And there's not much to do about it other than wait it out. So, since it started Monday night, it's supposed to be done by tonight. His temperature is actually normal today, so maybe he started the fever sooner than I noticed.

One good thing is that I didn't see any seizures since the one on Tuesday. And considering how sick and miserable he was, that's quite amazing. Now the trick is getting fluids in him. His throat is really raw. He even coughed up some blood early this morning. But he's liking Jello and had a banana for breakfast.

Anyhow, send good thoughts this little guy's way. He needs 'em.


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