Monday, July 17, 2006

Much Better

After sleeping most of Saturday, Soren started coming round to his normal self on Sunday. He woke up cooing and kicking. Hungry. Eating great. Just the way we like him. It's interesting, while Soren doesn't do half the stuff a typical 2 year, 9 month old would do, we sure missed all the things he normally does while he was sick. He has a lot to say in his own way, he loves to wiggle, and eating is his true passion. All that was gone during the 4 day fever. I really missed the sound of his voice, even if he doesn't say any words. So I'm happy that my humming boy is back. I'm glad to see his legs a kicking. And he's turning to his side again, now that he has the energy.

Oh, an amazing thing happened when Soren was REALLY sick. I had put Soren on his side. He had rolled himself to his belly, trapping his arm beneath him as usual. He sneezed all this guck out of his nose. I went to wipe his nose. Now, I would have expected 1 of 2 reactions from Soren at this point. 1) He would be feeling SO crappy he'd let me just wipe his nose. or 2) Like any other kid, he'd try to avoid his nose being wiped. To avoid me, I would expect that he would push himself to his back, moving away from me. I know he can do this, so this would be a logical reaction.

Instead, Soren, who was still on his belly, lifted his head, and turned it away from me the opposite direction. I hope I'm making this clear. In all his therapies, when Soren is on his belly, he REFUSES to lift his head to look at a toy or any other stimulus. But when it came down to having his nose wiped, he mustered up the energy and the will to lift that head, turn it, and avoid me. It was very impressive and I wish you were all there to see it so you'd know what the heck I'm talking about.

Anyhow, today Soren and I are skipping school at UCLA so he can be at the top of his game for Intensive Therapy this afternoon. I hope to have pictures after today's session and I'll describe the whole thing.


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