Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Soren's Mother's Day Gift

I have to say, I was rather lucky on Mother's Day. Moira made me a beautiful hand-painted, flower-shaped coaster. Soren gave me a personally decorated frame with a photo of the two of us. And my husband got me a MUCH NEEDED massage. We've had the same masseur for years and he noted that he's never felt my back so tense. Yeah, no kidding!

But, the best Mother's Day gift was the extra one I got from Soren. As of that day, Soren was seizure-free of Infantile Spasms and tonic-clonic seizures for a YEAR!!!!! Wahoo!

And, on a side note, he has been busy turning back and forth to his side every day like a pro. When he first started 2 weeks ago, to get his arm over to his side, he had to use brute force. Now he can bring it to and fro without any effort.

Here's to being seizure-free! Happy Mother's Day!


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