Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Soren Turned onto his RIGHT Side!

It's true!

Two weeks ago, when Soren started turning to his side, he was always turning to the left. As many of you know, babies tend to pick a favorite side to roll to before moving on to the other side. And turning left made sense for Soren because he used to seize contracting the muscles on his left side. Soren's therapists would ask me at each session if he was still only rolling to the left.

So he was on the floor today, exercising, turning left, sometimes getting to his belly and getting stuck. I had just rolled him back onto his back. He was kicking and squiggling about. I sat down to work and he was suddenly on his RIGHT SIDE!!!!

Again, I was so stunned, I didn't grab the camera (I've got to get better at this). Instead I grabbed the phone to call Aaron. Then, while talking to Aaron, Soren got annoyed with being on the right and rolled back to his back. Still, he was there. Even if it was for about a minute. He rolled to the right and he got there all on his own!

So things are changing. Soren's getting stronger. And I will have my camera ready the next time he does it. Promise!


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