Saturday, March 07, 2009

Seizure Update

So as I wrote previously, on December 3rd, Soren started having what I thought were Absence seizures. They started the night I started Soren's Zonegran wean, so I knew that the two were not related and continued to wean him.

As the wean progressed, the "Absence" seizures grew in length and frequency. Finally, the weekend of February 21st, Soren started having these seizures in clusters. So I contacted his doctor and got the okay to increase Soren's Lamictal dosage.

However, his doctor was concerned and fit Soren into his very busy schedule to check him out. I knew that the chances of Soren having a cluster in front of Dr. Shields were slim, so I video-taped him seizing and burned it onto a DVD. I'm so glad I did, because sure enough, Soren seized in the waiting room, but was happy as a clam in the exam room.

Turns out these are not Absence at all. They are Epileptic or Juvenile Spasms. Now Soren used to have Infantile Spasms, but since he is no longer an infant, they have a new name. Dr. Shields was clearly bummed about this development because we have been on all the "go to" drugs for Spasms. We discussed bringing him back on Zonegran, but I was confident that it would do nothing.

Instead, we have increased his Clobazam by have a pill in the evening. In a couple days we will add another half to the morning dose. If that doesn't work, we are going to start a drug Soren's never tried called Depakote. I know from other parents of kids with Spasms that the Clobazam/Depakote combination is a good one.

I'm hoping the Clobazam increase does the trick, but we'll see what happens. The good thing is he recovers from these just fine--bouncing right back as if nothing happened.


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