Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Soren-Mobile!

The Soren-Mobile (as it was termed by my friend Alexx) was delivered last Thursday and has hit the streets!

And it is such a dream! I mean, the Honda Odyssey is a nice van to begin with. Then, to have it accessible for Soren--amazing!

Here you can see the ramp extended out from the bottom of the van. All I have to do is push a button to open the door, the van then begins to lower as the door pops open, and then the ramp comes out. Now we can go straight from the ramp into the van--no more painfully awkward transfers into the car seat!

Next you see the EZ Lock system.

We aim Soren's new chair for that lock and, under his chair, is a bolt that clicks in and locks. E-Z, as advertised!

Then I can spin the chair around, so Soren can face front.

And the other side door also opens with the push of a button, so when I get him in or am getting him out, there is an easy escape.

Because the entire center section is now devoid of seats, Moira gets the entire back bench, which she has made her own with pillows and toys.

Now there are some things I'm still getting used to. The driver and passenger seats sit a bit higher than my old van. Getting my short body into the car has resulted in some bruises, but I'll figure that out. Oh, I also got a nice bonk on my leg when I opened the ramp door, went to throw a bag in before loading Soren, and got whacked by the ramp extending out! Whoops!

If Soren's chair isn't locked in to the EZ lock, an alarm sounds. This is great! But if he's not in the car (thus, not locked in) it also sounds. So I have to hit a special button to turn this off. Next, there is a release button to unlock the chair to wheel it out. Again, EZ. But I have 5-8 seconds to move his chair forward or it relocks! Now that's some pressure!

But really, I LOVE THIS VAN! Soren and I went to run errands on Saturday and it made everything so much easier. We got in and out of the van 3 times with so much less drama than usual.

Now I just have to think of a side business to use the van for while Soren is at school. I mean, did you check out the space I have now? I could do deliveries. I could set up a massage table. Or maybe I'll just put my long board in there and go surfing. I need a little R&R.



Carol Andrews said...

So glad the soren-mobile is ready to go. Maybe you can deliver flowers for someone. Good job, looks really slick.

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