Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brief Seizure Update

Soren went an awesome 36 days without a seizure! It was fantastic. Last Saturday we went to Disneyland and Soren had a great time, smiling and laughing through most of the trip.

Then Monday before getting him off to school, he had a whopping 60 second tonic-clonic. Hoping this was the only one for the day, I sent him off to school. I then quickly ran all my errands fearing the call from school that would send me there to pick him up. Sure enough, at 10:30 school called. Soren had had another seizure and was too conked to continue school.

So I got him and brought him home, where he had a 3rd seizure. So I gave him the Diastat. Later I noticed Soren had a fever of 102. I got the fever down and kept him home Tuesday. There were no other signs of sickness so he went back to school Wednesday, but was rather pokey through the day and, actually, the rest of the week. But then I'd be rather pokey too if someone had put Valium up my tush.

This weekend he's back to his silly, chipper self. Hopefully we'll have another good long run without seizures and make it to 40 days!


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