Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Bumbo: Parental Intelligence Required

In various posts, you've seen Soren sitting in this great seat. It's called a Bumbo.

It's actually meant for babies once they can hold their head up. However, Physical and Occupational Therapists of Special Needs Kids have been using them because they position bodies really well.

When we first got it for Soren, he hated it because he had to use his neck and trunk to sit up. But then as his strength grew, his tolerance for it grew. Now he can sit in it for an hour to two hours.

The thing is, the Bumbo is being recalled. Why? Because parents are putting the Bumbo on tables, counters, chairs, etc. and leaving the room. The children, being children, then takes headers out of the Bumbo and onto the floor. Now, if the seat was simply on the floor, as it should be, the child would only be taking a minor tumble. But from on top of a table, this ends up being a big fall.

I know from experience that the folks at Bumbo specifically put in a note telling parents not to do this (not that parents should need to be told). But these parents are claiming that there are photos provided by the company of kids in the seats on tables, etc. And while this may be true, parents must then take responsibility to NOT BE FRICKIN' DING-DONGS!!!!!

This is a great product for typical and special needs kids. It makes me sad and angry that these parents don't have the common sense to use it properly. And then, when they don't, they don't take responsibility for their poor parenting choice. They blame it on the product!

Well, I'm just here to say the product, if properly used, is really wonderful. For us, it's a great way to sit Soren up. I actually sent it to Soren's school for his picture day so he could sit properly. They ended up using it for every kid in the class who needed it. It worked so well, they bought some for the class.

And it's portable! We went to the park today for a pumpkin carving party. I set Soren in the chair (ON THE GROUND) and we decorated pumpkins. He was able to sit up, look around, and be as social as he can be. He wasn't flat on his back, not part of the party. And since it's not a "special needs product" it doesn't draw attention to itself.

So that's my rant, my plea. Don't let this product be recalled. It's simple. It's harmless. It's needed for many children, and let's face it, they're all special.


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