Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not Much to Say

Sorry I haven't written in a bit. Honestly, I don't have much news at the moment, which is a good thing. Soren's been well. He's in summer school now and seems quite happy to be back on schedule. Still no seizures since the dehydration days of our trip.

I guess I have a couple little notes of interest. He does seem more snuggly than usual, which is nice. Granted, I have to heft him onto my body to see if he wants a snuggle. But at least he's been enjoying it, so it's worth the heft.

Soren and I were in the kitchen getting his breakfasts ready while Aaron was getting his shoes on. Soren heard the distinctive thud of Aaron's shoe on the wood floors and smiled. He knows the sound and who it belongs to. I've seen him smile at his father's step before.

When I went into Soren's room today to get him up, he turned his head and looked towards the door when I opened it. He didn't always do this.

And when I'm asking him where Moira is and where I am, he seems to be making a real effort to turn and look our directions, even if he doesn't get it spot on.

That's it. We're on the "no news is good news" kick right now. Hope if there's any news, it will be good.


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