Tuesday, July 03, 2007

DR Trip 2nd Leg: Smoother Waters

Yes, I am happy to say that the rest of our trip went MUCH smoother. With Soren hydrated again, he only had 2 more rather uneventful seizures (tonic stiffening for only about 10 seconds without the horrible clonic jerking). We returned to Atlanta and were given a terrific tour of one of the Turner buildings (with Cartoon Network on one of the floors). Moira was thrilled with all the goodies she got. And I even got to have an evening out with some CN friends while Aaron took care of the kids!

Then on to Miami, where Aaron's folks joined us, and to the DR! I actually made it through without food poisoning and got to play in the pool AND the sea! Soren had a great time in both as well with his special flotation device. They even had this small wading pool that Soren could stand in (something he usually hates doing but for some reason, in water, he chose to do it!).

Soren's treatment Friday went well. The only problem is that with these injections, Soren keeps getting stronger and stronger! When we first went back in 2005, Soren was so weak and having so many seizures, he would just lie there and not put up a fight when the IV was put in. Now he squirms, rolls to his side, gripes, and raises a fuss--just as any typical 3 year old would when being stuck by needles! I'm happy to have this problem, but it made the doctor and nurse's job much harder. Nurse Daisy was brilliant and got the IV in on the first try and then held his hand still to made sure Soren didn't mess it up. Doctor Maria was also great getting the injections into Soren's thighs when all he wanted to do was kick! Dr. Rader and his team really took the time to make sure everything went smoothly, which we really appreciate.

We made it back to our hotel in time for lunch and got in some more pool time. Then we had Saturday to relax before turning back around to Miami on Sunday and LA on Monday.

Soren's Almond Breeze made it through the trip without leaking all over the luggage. However, security in the DR did find these containers of liquid suspicious and pulled my father-in-law into a back room to explain what it was. Don't worry, he and the milk made it out without incident.


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Special Survivors said...

Hi Amy! Glad to hear that the trip went well, and you were able to have "fun" time. Looking forward to the next play date!