Sunday, August 20, 2006

Soren's Site at!

Soren now has his own website!
Now besides having this blog, you can read information on Soren and get updates on
  • Soren's New Website!
  • There you can
  • make donations
  • and
  • learn about fundraising events!

  • A special thanks must go out to Cindy Morrow who thought of doing the site, contacted Julie Talbert at the Talbert Foundation to coordinate the donations pages, did all the programming, and put it on the web! Thanks Cindy!

    Currently we have two fundraising efforts in the works besides just straight donations. As mentioned in the two posts below, animation cels are up for the bidding on eBay. Bid now!

    And Soren's second fundraising event is September 9th at a show called Easy Targets! Buy tickets now by clicking on the button to your right!


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