Sunday, August 06, 2006

Seizure-Free Sunday

Today was very, very different, in a good, good way.

Soren woke up talking, happy, and hungry. Aaron made blueberry scones for breakfast, which Soren enjoyed--both the batter and the fully baked scones.

He ate well, chatted, and moved his body about pretty much all day long. He took a cat-nap or two, as usual. He even tolerated his exercise regime set out by the the lovely ladies at Bright Minds (by that I mean that he didn't cry or fuss TOO much).

We actually had a lovely, mellow day. No seizures. Not even the threat of one.

I don't know why yesterday happened. I don't know that we'll ever know. I just know that I kept having thoughts of surgery and wishing that Soren was a cadidate. I cried a bit. Wished for any help for my dear boy.

But today was better. We even saw some smiles when we tickled him.


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