Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Good Week

Hello again.  Shockingly, I'm blogging in a more timely fashion.  After my last post, which was somewhat of a bummer, I wanted to note that Soren had a really good week.

On Monday, Soren's new daytime caregiver showed up.  He'd had a rough morning of seizures (3 before 8:00), so he was a bit pokey.  But then he began peeking at his caregiver, sizing her up.  Aaron had provided "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" for her to read to him.  And so she started reading, and Soren kept his eye on her while she did.  When I came home to feed him lunch, he had perked up.  They were watching "Spirited Away" and Soren actually seemed interested in the movie.  That night, Soren was talking and talking.  He was so excited, he didn't even want to go to sleep when the rest of us were heading to bed.  

The next morning, Soren was rarin' to go.  He was awake for almost the entire time his caregiver was here.  She read to him and they watched "Star Trek: Into Darkness."  The gal has great taste in movies!  When Soren's afternoon caregiver arrived, he talked to her continuously, and was a helper in the shower.  He was just chockfull of energy.

Wednesday was rougher.  Maybe adjusting to all that excitement?  He had a bunch of seizures and he slept most of the day.  But Thursday and Friday he was back to his energetic self.  By this time, his caregiver had finished "Hitchhikers" and moved onto "The Kneebone Boy" (one of his sister's recommendations).

Oh, and Friday morning we heard Soren cry out at 5:15.  Aaron and I ran in and Soren had scooted and turned so much in his bed, he trapped himself between the mattress and the gate.  Horrifying?  Sure.  But exciting that he had THAT much energy?  Absolutely!  Now we just need to put the pillow back between him and his gate.  It had been so long since he'd moved around, we'd stopped doing that.

Soren hasn't had any seizures since Wednesday and this weekend his energy has continued.  He's been chatty and he's been moving all over the place.  Lots of stomach crunches.  We can tell he desperately wants to sit up on his own, but he just doesn't quite know how.  If these seizures would stay away, who knows what he could do?

This week Soren does a morning camp (something I need to blog about another day).  His caregiver will be with him so I can work.  Hopefully he'll enjoy it as much as being read to and watching movies!


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