Monday, January 30, 2012

G-Tube 1 Month + Update

Hey all,

Sorry I have been so remiss on updating Soren's progress. The good news is that, after all that initial trauma, he is doing really well. I must admit that I'm still a bit of a Nervous Nelly fearing that he's going to pull this thing out again. But now that his stoma is healed, I know that putting a new one in isn't horrifying the way it was one week after surgery. I actually have a replacement tube and was shown what to do. So, in a pinch, if I didn't pass out from fear, I know I could do it.

And I have to say, all the reasons for putting the G-Tube in have been confirmed. Soren got sick, and we were able to get all his KetoCal, liquid, and meds in no problem. Soren has had some massive seizures. 2 huge ones in one day last week. Again, food, liquid, meds--easy peasy.

I've also been feeding him regular food now and again to keep up those skills. And most times, he is ravenous and really pleased to be eating. But then there was that one evening he was a pill about it. I muscled through determined, even though it was stressing me out to get every bit of that food in. As I did I thought, "Yup. This is why we got the G-Tube!"

He should be getting his MIC-KEY Button in a couple weeks. You know, just as we've mastered this particular G-Tube! But everyone promises that the Button makes things even more easy. And he will be less prone to removing it accidentally.

On a fun note, we got Soren signed off to swim at school! I got him a fashionable wet suit-style bathing suit that covers his tummy so that nobody feels nervous moving him about in the pool.

That's it!


flutietootie said...

Yup. That is one of the reasons my mother got a g-tube for my sister. Now she is getting older for reasons like tonight. It saved her life on more then one occasion.

Our blogs are very similar. Maybe you want to check out mine we might be able to share ideas.

Nike said...
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