Wednesday, December 21, 2011

G-Tube Update

Yesterday was really rough for Soren. Lots of pain from the surgery site. So he was getting regular doses of morphine, which seemed to help briefly.

And he was REALLY hungry, which was also making him frantic. He was wringing his hands like crazy and any time he got close to touching his belly, he'd flinch. It was hard to watch and not be able to help him.

He didn't get Pedialyte until about 4:00 pm, which means he'd gone about 48 hours without anything in his belly. He then started getting his Keto Cal a little later and the real calories started hitting. He finally got a bit happier.

With the food in him, he actually had a good night. And this morning he's been giving a few smiles and flirting with the nurses. He's getting back to his silly self.

Here he is happily watching Cars. Next up, Kung Fu Panda! Amy

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