Monday, May 18, 2009

Okay, I'm Back!

Sorry I have fallen off posting yet again! Life has been crazy-busy work work (yay!) and illness (boo!). Soren had a stomach bug right after Spring Break, then a week later he had a fever, then that Friday, his fever returned and wouldn't break. Finally I got him into the doctor and discovered that it was an ear infection. Got Soren on the mend, and then Mo got a cold!

The good news through all of that for Soren is that he had very few seizures---something that is very rare in that situation. We are now seeing a neuro-immunologist who has recommended I take Soren off dairy and put him on anti-virals. I did the dairy first and the lack of seizures continues (last one we saw was Mother's Day). I started the anti-virals today, so we'll see if there is any change.

Next I need to remove avocado, which is going to be hard. 1.) Because Soren loves it and 2.) Because I have very little cooking imagination. But we have a great cookbook on delicious and healthy foods for babies. I will delve into it and see if I can widen Soren's repertoire.

I promise to keep you updated on any changes!



csmusick said...

Why avocado, out of curiosity?

BTW, Soren and Ansel are soon to be classmates. We're figuring out the transition plan for how long and how often Ansel will be going.

Soren Patrick Rogers said...

I guess there's a chance of him being allergic. We'll see. I'm not convinced on that one.

I'm so glad Soren and Ansel will be together!

Brad Keating said...

Just an idea for the food issue - I puree our left overs in the food processor for Karis. She eats a lot of what we eat. Spaghetti, beef stew, beans and ham, chili, pork roast, whatever. I also puree green beans, peas, zuccini, broccoli, squash, and a bunch of fruits. I freeze all this stuff in ice cube trays and then put the frozen ice cubes in ziploc bags. At meal times I just put some cubes in a bowl and microwave to thaw or warm them. It takes time to do the initial pureeing, but saves time at meals. Karis' respite nurse actually does a lot of the pureeing, since it relates directly to her care.

Glad to see you are back blogging again. :)


The McCues said...

Is the book you have Super Baby Food (I think tha twas the title)? Tricia used that some way back with our first and it did involve a lot of pureeing and freezing food in ice cube trays.

Soren Patrick Rogers said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! Our book is actually "Feeding Baby." I've heard of the ice cube tray trick. Gotta do that!

The real problem is that I'm terribly lazy and a creature of habit!

I tried a spicy black bean dip and an artichoke dip from Trader Joes. He liked them both, which was a nice surprise!