Friday, January 23, 2009


Soren has continued to have the Absence/Tonic seizures. And while he still bounced back super fast as if nothing happened, they have also gotten stronger and are lasting longer.

I'm hoping against hope that this is all due to the withdrawal of Zonegran. Soren is now on 25 mgs morning and night. The night dose is being dropped on Sunday. And the last morning dose will be eliminated 2 weeks after that. In my fantasy world, once all of this drug is out of his system, the seizures will dissipate.

He has been extra chipper yesterday and this morning. Yesterday after school he was talking and talking. They had done a film shoot at school, so I wonder if he was trying to tell me about how exciting it was. Then at Mo's gymnastics, he started laughing so hard, he had Mo's class busting up as well.

Then this morning he woke with a smile. After he drank his milk he snuggled into me and listened to Aaron, Mo, and I talking about our plans. He smiled even bigger whenever Aaron or Mo were talking and buried his head even closer in to me. He does love his family.

So maybe, just maybe, his body is adjusting to the withdrawal and he's feeling better.

At least that's what I'm going to think it is!


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