Thursday, October 09, 2008

Eye Sight Update

I took Soren to his neuro-ophthalmologist today and we got a really good report. Dr. Borchert was really impressed with the progress that Soren, overall, is making. He noted that he like a different kid compared to 6 months ago. Much more alert and not fighting him. He was also impressed that Soren actually took interest in watching TV, something that has developed quite recently.

On the eye front, I told Dr. Borchert that we've noticed Soren looking at us from a distance more. However when we bring him close, he loses interest. We thought he might need glasses for this. But after checking Soren, Dr. Borchert said that it doesn't seem that Soren needs glasses. Instead, he thinks that Soren's cortical visual impairment is causing the problem.

In basic terms, we all have blind spots in our vision. Due to Soren's seizures (and possibly one of his previous meds), he has more blind spots than usual. So, from afar, he might be able to see things better because he can see through the holes. But up close, things may get blocked.

The good news is, these holes can fix themselves as Soren continues not to seize and things start working better in his brain.

The bad news is, we think Soren had one of his night/waking seizures this morning. Aaron heard him making noise and just thought he was talking in his sleep. But when we went to get him up, he had that same old stiffness that's been gone for over 3 months. Now, his PT sessions have been extra rough and I know they've been stretching him really hard. But putting the noise Aaron heard and the pain together seems to point to more seizures. And while this is a bummer, at least he didn't continue them into the day. So we're going to watch this and see about increasing his dose of Clobazam if they continue.


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