Tuesday, June 03, 2008

LA Triathlon! Join TEAM SOREN!

On Sunday, September 7th, our friend Eric is going to compete in the Los Angeles Triathlon. His goal for doing this event is to raise funds for Soren for another stem cell treatment. In addition to this, he and his wonderful wife Sue are going to throw an after-party/silent auction/rousing night of entertainment that is sure to be a blast!

We think it would be great to create Team Soren, pooling together anyone athletically inclined who is interested in doing the LA Triathlon and raising funds for Soren. The LA Triathlon offers the Sprint Distance - .6K swim, a 12 mile bike and a 5K run – and also the Olympic Distance - a1.2 K swim, 25 mile bike race and a 10K run.

If you have never done a Triathlon but always wanted to, this is your chance. We will provide you with a training schedule that will prepare you for the race as well as organizing a couple training clinics in which we will share great race tips and transition techniques.

Now, if you are interested in this, but are not up to running, cycling, and swimming, never fear! We are also putting together relay teams. So if you can run like the wind, but you can’t cycle for beans and/or the thought of swimming in the ocean makes your heart sink, we will match you up with folks who can.

But, to do this, WE NEED YOU to join Team Soren! “What do I get for joining Team Soren?” you ask. First of all, we will cover your entry fees. Secondly, we will provide you with a fantastic Team Soren shirt to race in.

We are also designing Team Soren shoes by Nike. Now, we can’t pay for these, but if you are interested in purchasing them as a team member, they will be available.

And lastly, you will get to come to the awesome after-party where you will be treated like a god for busting your butt and raising funds for Soren!

Also, by competing in the LA Triathlon, you will receive a Finishers Medal, a Tee Shirt and tons of other goodies. For more information, check out
  • The LA Triathlon Site

  • So if this sounds like something you really want to do—either the entire triathlon or just a portion—please email me at amykeatingrogers@pacbell.net. Please also feel free to email Eric Germansky at ericgerm@sbcglobal.net if you have any questions about the race.



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