Monday, February 11, 2008

Still Want Some Art?

I've got lots! It's in my garage! All the stuff leftover from the Monkeyhouse show is with me and I'm (slowly) putting it up on eBay for sale. Slowly, slowly, slowly. I'm just learning and I clearly have a very poor learning curve.

BUT, if you want some art, just go to eBay and type in "4 Soren" (without the quotes) and all of his listings will come up. Currently, there are only 10 listings. But I'm working on getting the rest up this week (or in the coming weeks).

Currently, I'm not shipping because that's even more for me to learn and, as I mentioned above, I'm having issues with the whole "teaching an old dog new tricks" thing. So right now it's for pick up at Monkeyhouse. But if you REALLY want something and you sweet talk me, I may ship it to you.

And finally, as usual, all the money goes to the Talbert Family Foundation which in turn then comes to Soren--they don't take a cut. It all comes to him! And then it all goes to the VAN!!!

So, check out the art, see if you want something, and bid on it! There's a lot of cool stuff!


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