Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Rather Crappy Day

Not to bum you all out, but we had a bummer of a day yesterday.

Soren was supposed to go back to school today. Instead, he had a seizure at 6:40 am. A tonic-clonic, otherwise known as a grand-mal, seizure. Tonic is when you stiffen, clonic is when you shake

He then went on to have 8 more seizures for a total of 9. Out of those, 7 of them were tonic-clonics (the other 2 were rapid eye shaking).

We had to pull out the oxygen tank since he was holding his breath.

The thing is, seizures beget seizures and he began to loop having a seizure, going post-ictal, coming out of that briefly, and then seizing again. Finally after his 8th seizure, I gave him Diastat.

I don't remember if I've written about Diastat before. It's a rectal gel of the drug diazepam, which is commonly known as valium. Thus the DIA (for the drug name) and STAT (getting the drug in quickly). It stops the cycle--at least you hope. Soren had one last seizure after he recovered from being super-drugged by the Diastat. Then he ate a good meal and passed out on Aaron.

At 3 am Soren was babbling up a storm. Probably talking about his crappy day.

Today he's only had one seizure so far. He had a little fever, which is probably the cause of the whole mess. We got the okay to increase his Lamictal again. Let's hope it kicks in quickly.

Right now he's happy and kicking. What a boy!


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