Friday, October 27, 2006


Just a little update for everyone. Soren is doing well at school. They work him hard and he is building up stamina. He eats the cafeteria food there--they know how to prepare it for kids like Soren. And he loves it. It's great for me cause he's venturing out past his usual avocado!

Next, we got the exact same tricycle you saw in the previous post on eBay! Totally got it for a song. Like all special needs products, if we bought it new, it wouldn't come cheap. But this is an older model that fits Soren well. I outbid someone at the last second and now Soren can ride on the weekends for more practice.

I must admit I did feel some guilt outbidding that person. They were, most likely, also a parent of a special needs kid. But that's the way of eBay, I guess, right?

Soren had an appointment with his ophthalmologist yesterday. His right eye is still turning in quite a bit. So we started patching his left eye for 4 hours a day for the next 5 weeks to see if we can strengthen the muscles in his right eye. If that works, we may move up to corrective glasses that can then further strengthen his eye.

If all that DOESN'T work, we may have to consider surgery. I'll keep you posted.

AND in 4 1/2 weeks, we are going back to the DR for Soren's 3rd stem cell treatment!!!! We are very excited and hopeful.


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Anonymous said...

My friend's 15mth old recently had eye surgery to correct a turn. It worked out fine. She had grommets put in at the same time. Good deal of EBAY. It can be addictive.