Friday, June 03, 2011

Keto through Colds

Hey all,

Today I was going to very happily post how well Soren is doing. And then he had a big, awful seizure during breakfast. Poor kid. What a way to start the day!

Still, the boy is doing great. Especially considering he's been sick for about a month! He caught a cold Mother's Day weekend. Despite that, he didn't have any seizures. Until the NEXT weekend! That seizure marked the end of a 6 week stint with no seizures! Not to shabby!

Especially since just a few days later, I found out that Soren's cold had led to a raging ear infection in his left ear. So the fact that he only had 1 seizure through that was very impressive. So Soren went on antibiotics to clear the ear infection. (And probiotics to help his tummy)

But then on the day of his last dose, last Friday, he caught ANOTHER cold! We went in for an ear recheck this past Tuesday and while the infection in his left ear was better, he now has one in his RIGHT EAR!!! So another round of antibiotics was started. Soren is clearly feeling better. Still, this has taken quite a toll on him, so it's no wonder he had another seizure.

We're hoping with this round of antibiotics we'll get him all cleared up and healthy going into the summer. (Of course, I just caught my 3rd cold of this year. Ugh!)

A note on getting through colds on the Keto Diet. We can't use regular, children's meds because they have sugar in them! So, no Dimatap or Motrin. Instead he got Tylenol suppositories, nasal decongestants, and Vicks Vapo Rub. And for his antibiotic, we can't do the liquid stuff. Instead, I crushed up non-coated pills and put them in his food. Yuck!

And then there was the challenge of getting fluids in him. Turns out, Soren loves warm chicken broth, which is allowed on the diet and really seemed to sooth him.

All in all, though, Soren is doing great and has been quite a trooper through a tough time.