Monday, October 17, 2011

Ketogenic Diet: One Year

It's been a little over a year since Soren started the Keto Diet. And I must say, it's been totally worth the work and I've actually gotten good at the whole measuring, heating, and mixing of the foods.

As we came to this one year anniversary, Soren did hit some bumps in the road. He was cutting 2 molars and 2 front teeth which caused him to get an ear infection. We of course didn't figure this all out for a little bit. The week before we figured it out, Soren was wringing his hands like crazy to the point of breaking his skin. We still didn't know about the ear infection, but his nose started running so we gave him pain-killers. We thought he had a cold, took him to the doctor, and confirmed that he had an ear infection. But still, no fever so it was unclear if this was a cold or not.

Then that same day, we went to the dentist who told us about his teeth and that teething can cause ear infections! So we started Soren on antibiotics. Then, as happens in our family, ALL of us caught colds, causing Soren to feel even lousier!
Through this (the teething, the ear infection, the cold, the antibiotics), Soren did have seizures. But only one a day and only two for the week during the two weeks of this ordeal.

The even trickier part for me is that during this, Soren decided he didn't want to eat solid food. His mouth just wasn't happy about eating. So I had to do his Keto Cal shakes (a specially formulated powder) or this special Egg Nog. The nice thing is that both of these are totally balanced ketogenically. The bad thing is that I was afraid Soren would forget how to eat during this ordeal.

Finally we got through it all. We were on the final wean of his Depakote--only half a pill once a day. I was nervous after this bad round of stuff, but I braved it and took that last dose out. Sure enough, he had some final withdrawal seizures. But now he is totally off the Depakote. Yay!

And then yesterday I finally braved giving Soren solid foods again. I was hoping that he would eat it and not hold it in his mouth as he is prone to do or dribble it out as he is prone to do after holding it in his mouth forever. It was a slow start and he did indeed want to hold that stuff in for a bit. I feared I'd have to switch to a shake yet again. But we both toughed it out and he finally ate it all like a trooper.

AND, during all this, Soren turned 8 years old! Whew! It's been a busy, exhausting, rather stressful month. But, as usual, we made it through. Now Soren is back to being his babbling, energetic, sometimes smiling and laughing self. And we are confident this will get even better.